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Business plan: How to add products
Business plan: How to add products

Learn how to add and manage products in your online store

Updated over a week ago

You can easily create a product in your store:

  1. In the store management area, go to Products, and click Add product

  2. (Optional) Upload product images

  3. Choose the product type: physical, digital, service, donation, appointments

  4. Enter the product title

  5. (Optional) Enter a product subtitle

  6. (Optional) Add a product ribbon

  7. (Optional) Add the product description

  8. Specify the price

  9. (Optional) Specify the sale price

  10. (Optional) Add a SKU number

  11. (Optional) Specify product weight; this attribute is applicable to physical products only

  12. (Optional) Click on Track quantity and specify the quantity in stock

  13. (Optional) Add product options

  14. (Optional) Assign a product to a category

  15. (Optional) If it's a digital product, upload a file

  16. Save the product

Once you create a product, the product page is created automatically. To display products on your website, use product sections 😊

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