Note: The Lite store is available with Business plans 🚀

With Zyro's Lite store, it is extremely easy to create a new product or service to sell! You can also accept donations.

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Create a product

To create a new product, in your store manager, open the Products section. You can also edit, duplicate or delete products here.

To create a product:

  1. Click Add product.

  2. (Optional) Upload product images.

  3. Choose the product type: physical, digital, service, donation.

  4. Enter the product title.

  5. (Optional) Enter a product subtitle. You can use it to highlight some important information about the product, e.g., announce the better price or the last units in stock.

  6. (Optional) Add the product description.

  7. Specify the price.

  8. (Optional) Add a SKU number. It is a unique number used to identify an individual product in your store.

  9. (Optional) Click Track quantity and specify the quantity in stock.

  10. (Optional) Add product options.

  11. If it's a digital product, upload a file.

  12. Click Save 🎉

Product page

For every created product, a product page is created automatically! You can find all your product pages in the editor, by expanding the Store panel on the left.

To display all products on a page at once, insert a product section as given here 💡

Product types

Your products can be of the following types:

  • Physical product

  • Digital product

  • Service

  • Donation

When creating a new product, it's a physical one by default. Don't forget to double-check the product type if you want to set up a digital product, service, or donation.

Product title and description

The product title and description that are added in the product settings are automatically shown in the product section and on the product page.

You can also add a subtitle and use it to highlight some important information about the product, e.g., announce the better price or the last units in stock.

Learn how to write product descriptions that convert visitors to buyers here! 💡

Inventory tracking

To track inventory, specify the stock quantity in the product settings.

The amount will be automatically reduced on every sale. If the maximum quantity is reached, a client won't be able to add the product to the cart, as its “Add to bag” button will be disabled automatically.

File upload (digital products)

If you sell digital products with the Lite store, you can upload one file per product. The supported file size is up to 50 MB. You can upload any type of file.

After a successful purchase, your clients will receive an email with a link to download the digital product. The link lasts for 48 hours.

Product visibility

By default, a product is visible, but you can hide it anytime. Once you hide a product, it can't be purchased by your clients.

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