With Zyro's Lite store, it is extremely easy to create a new product to sell! The feature is available with Business plans 🚀

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Create a product

On the store manager's Products page, you can edit, delete or add new products.

The required fields to create a product are product type, product name, and price. A product image, SKU, and description are optional.

Product type

Your products can be of the following types: physical, digital, service, or donation.

  • Physical products require shipping. As you're required to take care of the shipping yourself, you are free to choose any shipping method that suits you.

  • Digital products don't require shipping. At the moment, our file upload & download feature is being developed — if you want to sell digital products, you would need to send the purchased files to your clients manually.

  • Service

  • Donation

Note: When creating a new product, it's a physical one by default. Don't forget to double-check the product type if you want to set up a digital product, service, or donation.


You can change the currency up until you make your first sale. This can be done in the store's General settings.


A SKU or a stock-keeping unit is a unique number used to identify an individual product in your store. SKUs help merchants determine which products require reordering and provide sales information.

Product description

The product description that's added at the store manager is automatically shown on the checkout page. This description won't be automatically fetched to your product page, but you can simply copy-paste it from the store manager to the product page.

Learn How to Write Product Descriptions That Convert Visitors to Buyers in Zyro blog!💡

Product visibility

You can make a product visible or hidden for purchasing. When you hide a product (for example, when you're out of stock), it can't be purchased nor linked to a Lite store button.

Note: If you link a Lite store to a visible product, and publish your website — your clients can purchase the product without any trouble. But if you later change the product's visibility to hidden, the button remains linked to that hidden product, however, your clients can't purchase it. Thus, if you hide a product, leave a note on the product page, or remove that product section, or hide the whole product page, too.

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