You can find all your orders in the Orders section of your store management area. Here you can see the date the order was submitted, the client's email address, the total amount paid, the payment status, and the order status. Learn more:

Order status

You can filter your orders by order status to view the following:

  • All

  • Requires action – the default status of new orders in your online store

  • Completed

  • Pending

  • Canceled

  • Archived

Manage orders

To view more order details, click on the order in question. This allows you to:

  • Change the payment status: Paid, Awaiting, Not paid

  • Change the order status: Requires action, Completed, Pending, Canceled, Archived

  • View order details

  • View shipping information

  • View the client's contact information

  • View the payment method that was used to pay for an order

Email notifications on new orders

You'll be automatically informed about new orders to the email address that's specified in your store's general settings.

Similarly, your clients will be automatically notified about the successfully submitted orders at your store via email.

NOTE: Order confirmation emails are sent immediately once the order is created, but booking confirmation and digital products are sent only once the order is marked as Paid

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