Note: The below-given information is relevant for the merchants whose e-stores are created with Business plans. If you have an Online Store or Advanced Store plan, refer here 💡

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Shipping regions

The default shipping region in the Lite store is “Everywhere in the world”.

In the Shipping section of your store manager, you can specify the countries you’re going to ship to. Simply click Add shipping region, choose the countries and save the changes.

Currently, you can create one shipping region, thus all your selected countries will constitute a single shipping region.

Shipping rates

By default, your store offers free shipping.

In the Lite store, a flat shipping rate is used. It means that the same shipping price is applied to all orders and all the countries within your shipping region.

You can also set up various conditions, for example, to offer free shipping only for orders over $50 and so on.

Shipping options

You can add up to 10 shipping options, and each of them can have different flat rates and conditions set up.

Note: All shipping options would apply to all countries listed in the Shipping regions section.

As for now, there are no global shipping couriers integrated, thus you would need to decide on the most suitable shipping strategy on your own. Feel free to use any shipping methods you want!

Note: If your store is based in Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia, you can deliver goods via DPD or Omniva parcel machines – we have an in-built integration for that!

To add a shipping option:

1. In the store manager's Shipping section, find the Shipping options settings.

2. Click Add option.

3. From the dropdown, select a shipping method.

4. Insert the shipping method name. Your customers will see it in their cart and at checkout.

5. Insert the shipping rate. This rate will be charged for a customer's entire order (not per product).

6. (Optional) Set up conditions like minimum order value and/or maximum order value.

7. Save the changes.

To edit an existing shipping option:

1. In the store manager's Shipping section, find the Shipping options settings.

2. Find the shipping option in question and from the Action options select Edit.

3. Make the required changes and save them.

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