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Getting started with Zyro
Getting started with Zyro

Achieve your success online 🚀

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Zyro website builder is the easiest and most enjoyable way to online success. To create a website with Zyro, you will need only a couple of things:

Once you have all three, simply connect them together, and voilà!

Website template

Creating a web page with Zyro is based on customizing a website template. It's like dressing up a skeleton of your soon-to-be website 🎨

The main constituents of a website are:

  • PAGES: it can be a single-page website, or it can have multiple pages; some of your website pages can be hidden and accessible only directly via URL links

  • SECTIONS: they constitute a page; if it's a one-page website, you can add multiple sections and link them to your website's navigation menu

  • ELEMENTS: texts, images, buttons, icons, videos, maps, contact forms, and so on

Within any template, you can add and customize all of that as much as you like. Feel free to choose from easy-to-customize designer-made website templates or start with a blank template.

Zyro plan

Zyro plans include the following:

  • Web hosting – it's a service necessary to put your website on the Internet

  • A domain name is your website's address that's needed to access your website online

  • An SSL certificate is a must-have for your website's security; it turns HTTP into HTTPS

  • Email – create professional-looking email addresses, linked to

  • SEO tools – functionalities that will help you appear at the top of Google search results

  • AI tools: logo maker, heatmap, image background remover, and much more


  • A free domain is included in all plans except monthly plans

Domain name

If a website is a house, a domain name is its address that people type into the browser URL bar to be taken to that website:

You can:

Start guide

In the top left corner of your website's editor, you'll find a quick start guide:

You can also check the Help and resources panel on the left side menu. It contains a short introductory video, help articles, useful keyboard shortcuts, and a quick onboarding tour:

Once you've found your bearings with the website builder, we recommend checking the following areas of your website:

If you need any assistance with building your website, contact us anytime! We'll review your website and share useful advice to help you achieve online success easier 🚀

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