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How to transfer a .LT domain from Zyro
How to transfer a .LT domain from Zyro

Learn about transferring a .LT domain from Zyro

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If you'd like to use your Zyro domain on another platform, you don't necessarily need to transfer it there: it is enough to point your domain to another platform's servers by updating your domain nameservers.

However, if you prefer to transfer your .LT domain to another domain provider, follow these steps:

STEP 1 – Order the domain transfer

The first thing to do is to order a domain transfer service on the platform you wish to transfer your domain to.

STEP 2 – Get the Registrant ID

Next, you will need to obtain your Registrant ID. It has been emailed to you together with your domain activation letter (to the email address you inserted while registering the domain).

When searching for this email, filter it by the sender, as you won’t be able to find it if you use your domain name as a keyword.

STEP 3 – Initiate registrar change

Once you have your Registrant ID, go to (it's a unit responsible for all .LT domains registration). Choose Services and click on the Domain registrant account:

Proceed until you see a page asking for your Registrant ID and Password; don’t enter anything and simply click on the Activate account:

Enter your Registrant ID and your email address (the one that was used when registering a domain). You will immediately get an email from – click on the one-time URL within. You will be redirected to your DomReg account; there, tick the domain in question, and click on Initialize transfer:

In the registrars' list, choose the preferred domain registrar and click on the Initialize transfer:

Then, open the My information section on DomReg:

To complete the domain transfer, enter the identical contact information (the one you see on Domreg) on the platform you wish to transfer your .LT domain to.

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