Within the editor, click on the Add section button; you will see it on any horizontal section border:

From the menu on the left, select the Lite store. On the right, you'll see two types of product sections – product list and single-product click on a preferred section, and it'll be inserted into your page:

Product list section

This section displays all your products. Click anywhere on that section to see the settings menu:

  • Manage products – opens the store management area

  • Section settings:

    • Products: display all products or a specific product category

    • Layout: customize the product display style

    • Style: change the text and background color

    • Pagination: enable the pagination and set the number of products per page (section)

Single-product section

This section displays a particular assigned product. Click anywhere on that section to see the settings menu:

In the product section settings you can customize the following:

  • Product: assign a preferred product to the section

  • Layout: text alignment, image ratio, image border radius, padding

  • Style: text color, section background

  • Add to bag button: button text, color, shape, size

NOTE: If you update product details in the store management area, remember to update your website for the changes to appear online

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