How to place a test order

Learn how to create a test product and place a test order in your online store

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The best way to see your customer’s experience is to place a real order by setting up a test product with a low purchase price. You can always return the funds to yourself or try it out with a manual payment method.

1. Create a new product and name it Test product in order to avoid confusion for your customers.

2. Enable payment methods based on your testing preferences: add a manual payment method to try out the purchase flow without making an actual payment or enable online payments, to test them in your online store.

3. Display the test product on your website by inserting a product section on your page.

4. Enable the shopping bag on your website.

5. Open your online store, find the test product and add it to the bag, then proceed to checkout:

6. At the checkout, specify the shipping information (if applicable), enter your contact information, select a payment method, and complete the purchase by placing a test order.

7. Once your order is placed, a confirmation email will arrive at both your merchant email address and the email address you've entered as a customer. Check these notifications and find the test order in your store management area:

If you've placed a test order using a manual payment method, the payment status will be Awaiting. If you've tested an online payment, and it went through successfully, the payment status will be Paid. In case the online payment fails, check if your Stripe account is fully set up and refer here for possible failure reasons.

8. Once you're sure that everything works as intended, you can delete the test product.

It’s also a good idea to ask for feedback when building your store. Consider asking a friend to take a look and discuss their experience after shopping in your online store.

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