Note: The below-given information is relevant for merchants with Online Store and Advanced Store plans 💡

The best way to see your customer’s experience is to place a real order by setting up a test product with a low purchase price. You can always return the funds to yourself.

If you want to place a test order without any charges, you can use a manual payment option. This way, you can place an order and set its status to Paid manually at My Sales → Orders.

To place a test order with a real online payment:

1. In your Store manager, go to Catalog → Products.

2. Create a product and set the price to $1 (or less). Name it Test product, so that your customers wouldn't buy it by mistake.

Create a test product

3. Disable the requirement for shipping or pickup of that product, so that you wouldn’t be charged for delivery.

not require shipping so you’re not charged for delivery

4. Open your store online, find the Test product and add it to the cart. Enter your real email address and click Checkout.

Add your test product to cart

5. Select the payment method you want to test and pay for the order using real payment details.

Note: You cannot test the PayPal payment method using the same account for buyer and seller, since PayPal does not allow you to buy from yourself.

6. Check to make sure the order appears in the My Sales → Orders section.

7. If the order shows as Awaiting payment, read about possible causes for this. If the order shows as Paid, congrats! You’re all set up and ready to sell!

8. Once you’ve made sure everything works properly, you can delete the test order.

It’s also a good idea to get feedback when building your store. Consider asking a friend to take a look and discuss their experience after shopping in your online store.

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