Note: This feature is available with Online Store and Advanced Store plans 💡

When a customer places an order in your online store, a specific ID is automatically assigned to it.

The order ID is a combination of five random symbols (e.g., XK45J). It is displayed on invoices, in email notifications, and in the list of orders in your Store Manager.

You can customize order IDs with a custom prefix and/or suffix consisting of letters, numbers, dashes, etc. For example, if you run several online stores, you can add your store name (STORE-) as a prefix to quickly see in your reports where the order was placed. Or you can add the current month or year (-2022) as a suffix to know when an order was placed.

To customize your order ID format:

1. In your store manager, go to Settings → General → Cart & Checkout.

2. Scroll down to Order ID, and click Edit Order ID format.

3. Enter a prefix or a suffix (or both) that you want to appear in your order IDs and save the changes.

These additions will apply to all of your future orders; the IDs of the orders placed before this change will remain the same.

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