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Business plan: How to create product options
Business plan: How to create product options

Learn how to create product options in your online store

Updated over a week ago

You can easily create multiple product variations by specifying your product options! Product options are supported for the following product types: physical, service, and donation. One product can have up to 50 variations.

1. In your store management areaProducts, click on a product you want to add options to (or create a new product).

2. In the Options section, click Add option:

  1. Specify the option type (e.g., Size, Color, Material, etc.)

  2. Add selections for the option (e.g., Red, Green, Blue, etc. for Color)

Once you're done click Save:

You can easily add more option types by clicking Add option. The store will automatically create product variations using all the option types and selections of your product:

3. Click Manage variants to specify the price and the stock quantity of individual product variants:

You can set an individual price, sale price, SKU, stock quantity, and image for each product option!

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