Note: The below instructions are relevant for e-stores created with Business plans. If you have an Online Store or Advanced Store plan, refer here 💡

With Zyro's Lite store, you can create up to eight options per product. Options are supported for physical products, services, and donations.

Note: The Lite store currently supports one-type options, e.g., size (S, M, L, XL, etc.; you can create eight such options). We are still working on product variations – these are multi-type options (e.g., size + color + material). Stay tuned!

To create product options, follow these steps:

1. In your store manager, go to the Products section and click Add product to create one. Note: Product options can't be added to already existing products, therefore you'd need to create a new one or duplicate an existing one (you'll be able to create product options while editing a duplicated product).

2. In the Product variants section, click Add variants.

3. In the Variation field, define the type of the product variation, e.g., size, weight, or color.

4. (Optional) Enable Track quantity and specify how many units of each product option you have in stock.

5. In the Variation option fields, insert specific options you offer, e.g., for size it would be small, medium, large, etc. To add more options, click Add new option.

6. Specify prices: you can assign different prices for different options.

7. (Optional) Add a SKU number.

8. Save the changes.

And that's it! Your clients will see a dropdown of product options to choose from.

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