With Zyro's Lite store, you can create up to eight options per product. Options are supported for physical products, services, and donations. 🍭

Note: The Lite store is available with Business plans – upgrade your subscription anytime!

1. In your store settings, go to the Products section and open the product you want to add options for or create a new product.

2. Scroll down to the Product variants section and click Add variants.

3. In the Variation field, insert the option type, e.g., size, color, flavor, etc.

4. (Optional) Enable Track quantity and specify how many units of each product option you have in stock.

5. In the Variation option fields, insert specific options you offer, e.g., for size it would be small, medium, large, etc.

6. Specify prices; you can assign different prices for different options.

7. (Optional) Add a SKU number.

8. Save the changes.

Your clients will see a dropdown of product options to choose from.

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