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How to set up Titan Mail on Outlook
How to set up Titan Mail on Outlook

Learn how to configure Titan Mail on Outlook

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To set up your Titan Mail account on your Outlook client, you need to configure specific IMAP/SMTP settings there.

1. Log into your Outlook and navigate to the File tab.

2. When you land on the Account Information screen, click Add Account.

3. Enter your Titan email address.

4. Select IMAP as the account type.

5. Enter the password for the same email box to connect to your Titan email box.

6. Specify the following configurations to set up incoming and outgoing mail (if prompted):



Incoming server:
Port: 993

Encryption method: SSL/TLS

Outgoing server:
Port: 465

Encryption method: SSL/TLS

NOTE: If you are based in the EU, refer here

7. Make sure to check the “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” box and click Next.

Once the email address is processed, you will see the message Account successfully added. Click Done to complete the installation:


That's it – your account is set up on Outlook now 🎉

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