If instead of selling online, you use your e-store as a catalog (available with Online Store and Advanced store plans), you may want to add “Contact”, “Book” or other call-to-action buttons to your product pages.

That's really simple – just create a button image and link it to your contact page or your email address 📩

1. Create an image for your call-to-action button, or find an image for it on the Internet. You may use the Call-to-Action Button Generator for that – once you create a button, download it as a PNG image.

2. In your store manager, go to Catalog → Products and choose a product you want to add the button to.

3. In the product description field, upload the button image.

4. Click on the image and choose Edit. Enter the link where your clients should be redirected after they click on the button and save the changes.

Note: You can either paste the link to your contact page or a link that will automatically open a box for sending an email to you (mailto:example@email.com).

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