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How to change plan's billing cycle
How to change plan's billing cycle
Learn how to extend your Zyro plan
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You can save a considerable amount of money by prolonging your plan's billing cycle. Instead of monthly, you can pay:

  • Annually (once a year)

  • Bi-annually (once every two years)

  • Quadrennially (once every four years)

To extend your plan's billing cycle, go to the Subscriptions page in your dashboard, and click Extend next to the subscription in question:

Then, choose the preferred billing period and complete the payment. For example, if you decide to change your plan's billing cycle from monthly to bi-annually today, the next renewal date would be in two years.


  • Domain names are registered for one year and can only be renewed annually; learn more: Domain renewal

  • Titan email trial plans are not extendable; once the three-month email trial plan ends and your Titan email renews for another month, you can then extend its billing cycle as described above

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