NextsChain is a dropshipping supplier and fulfillment service that ships worldwide. The service allows you to add products both from NextsChain suppliers and from Aliexpress to your store and sell them to your customers.

Note: This feature is available with Online Store and Advanced Store plans. Learn how to upgrade your subscription 🚀

Installing NextsChain in your store

1. In your store manager, go to Apps → App Market and search for NextsChain.

2. Click on the app to install it.

Once the app is installed, your Zyro store will be connected to the NextsChain app. You will be able to import products from suppliers, change product titles and descriptions to your liking, set your price, and list these products in your Zyro store.

When you get a new order and receive the buyer’s payment, so its status changes to Paid, you will see the order details in your NextsChain account on the Orders → Merchant page.

To start order fulfillment, click the Change button near the order. Once you click the button, the order will be moved to the NextsChain page and the service will get a notification that you want the order to be fulfilled by the NextsChain. Then you can pay for your order items and shipping cost to a supplier, and the NextsChain will then fulfill your orders and ship to your customers directly.

The NextsChain service cost varies from free to $59.9 per month and the app comes with a free 14-day trial.

For any questions regarding the service, please contact NextsChain's support.

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