No matter where your domain is registered, you can connect it to your Zyro website! If you have a Namecheap domain, just follow these steps:

1. Open your website's settings, go to the Domain section, and connect your domain. Confirm all the steps in the domain connection window.

2. Log into your Namecheap account. Go to the Domain List section on the left and click the Manage button next to your domain.

3. In the Nameservers section, expand the dropdown and select Custom DNS. Insert the two Zyro's name servers: and and click on the green checkmark to save the changes ✅

And that's it! Now, give your domain some time to finish the connection process – your website will be available online within 24 hours (it's usually done much more quickly). Namecheap's reference: How to change DNS For a Domain 🚀

Important: Once your domain is pointed to Zyro via nameservers, your domain's DNS zone is also managed from Zyro. Make sure to re-add the required DNS records for the domain-related services (e.g., email or website verification) to continue operating smoothly.

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