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How to get my website on Bing
How to get my website on Bing

Getting your business on Bing is easy and straightforward

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To be honest, you can get on Bing without doing a thing. Like many other search engines, Bing uses special bots that crawl the web and find websites naturally. Once a website is crawled, the bots decide if it's good enough to be indexed. If a website is crawled but not indexed, it can still be improved and optimized for search engines to include the site in the index.

Before you begin, check out the following articles:

Once you set up the main SEO features by following the instructions given in the above articles, here are additional things to consider:


Backlinks are a valuable metric that allows your website to acquire high positions in search engines. The more websites link to your site, the more popular it gets! The best way to get backlinks is to create authentic and high-quality content.

Bing recommends putting at least one high-quality link on every page of your website. High-quality links are links to such pages that are crawled and indexed. If the page appears on the first page of search results, it's even better! However, the link must be relevant – if it's not, don't try to fake it, and better leave the page without any link. Instead, concentrate on the quality of your content.

If you get your links added to other trustworthy websites which would direct organic traffic to your site, Bing will definitely reward it. Just remember that any abusive means to boost backlinks (e.g., link farms or link spam) can highly harm your website's performance in search engines.

When adding links to your website, always hyperlink text, buttons, images, or other elements, and never use “naked” links:

Also, remember to set any paid or advertisement links on your site as “nofollow”:

Browser compatibility

Make sure your website looks good on Chromium-based browsers: Microsoft Edge, Brave, Yandex, etc.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Zyro automatically generates and updates your website's sitemap for you – find it by typing the domain.tld/sitemap.xml in the address bar of an internet browser.

You can also submit specific URLs (e.g., of recently updated pages) to Bing by following this guide: URL submission

We highly recommend going through the Bing Webmaster Guidelines to learn more about submitting a website to Bing 💡

What to avoid

This advice applies to any search engine, be it Bing, Google, or Yandex. When creating your website, avoid:

  • Duplicate content

  • Low-quality content

  • Little or no content

  • Broken links

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