Facebook pixel is a tool for tracking data. To use this integration, your domain has to be connected to your website and verified. It's necessary because the data about events on your website would be sent from your domain to your Facebook account.

When setting up this integration at Zyro, you may notice irrelevant domains, e.g., zyro.com or zyrosite.com, in your Facebook pixel account. Don't worry, no activity is sent from these domains, as they are not related to your own website. You can simply get rid of them by adding them to a block list.

To create a block list at Facebook pixel:

1. Go to your Facebook Events Manager, and open the Data sources on the left:

2. Open the Pixel settings, and scroll down to Traffic permissions. From the dropdown, choose the Create block list option and click on it.

3. Next to irrelevant domains, click Add to block list.

And that's it! Now, the Facebook pixel will only receive data from the domain that's connected to your website 🚀

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