Google Ads lets you target the type of customers you want, and filter out those you don't. You can read more about all other benefits in this great article by Google: What you need to know about online marketing

To set up your Google Ads campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Open this link to create a new campaign.

  2. Choose your main advertising goal. It can be:

    1. To get more calls.

    2. To get more website sales or sign-ups.

    3. Get more visits to your physical location.

    4. Reach and engage viewers on YouTube.

  3. Insert your business name. This helps Google Ads show your ad when people search for your business name.

  4. Specify where people are taken to after they click on your ad. Add a link to the most relevant page of your website. It can be your homepage, or a more specific page.

  5. Google Ads will check if the Google Analytics integration is added to your website. If it's not, you will be asked to set it up. You can also skip this step, and integrate Google Analytics later. Only remember that without Google Analytics, you won't be able to view and analyze such data as:

    1. Visits to key pages and other actions.

    2. Percentage of new visits from ads.

    3. Time spent on your website.

    4. The number of pages visited.

  6. Create your ad: you will be asked to insert three headlines and two descriptions. Headlines should be short and catchy, meanwhile, descriptions are used to describe your products and services in a bit more detail. Learn more: How to write effective Google Ads

    1. You can also insert your number and let your potential clients call you.

  7. Add some keyword themes so that Google would show your ad for similar searches. You can also add negative keyword themes after you're set up. Learn more: Google Ads: Keyword themes

    1. You can also select in what language you want to advertise.

  8. Select the geographical location where your ad should be shown. It can be:

    1. Near a specific address.

    2. Specific postcodes, cities, regions, countries.
      Learn more: Google Ads: Location settings

  9. Set your budget. You only pay for clicks on your ad: depending on the day, you might spend less or more than your daily average. But over the month, you won't pay more than your monthly max. Learn more: Google Ads: Costs and Payments. You can:

    1. Select a budget option. You can choose from several recalculated suggestions. It also shows how many clicks you may expect per month per each option.

    2. Enter your own budget. You can specify your daily average budget, and it will automatically calculate your maximum monthly budget. It also shows how many clicks your ad may get per month.

  10. Review your campaign and make sure everything's correct. You can edit the campaign details if needed.

  11. Finally, confirm your payment information and submit your campaign 🎉

When you create an ad campaign, Google reviews it and decides whether to approve or disapprove your ads. If your ad is disapproved, you need to modify it so that Google would re-approve it. Here are guidelines to follow when it comes to Google ads headlines, styles, and so on: Google Ads policies 💡

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