Note: The bellow-given instructions apply to e-stores created with Online Store and Advanced Store plans. You may change your plan anytime 🚀

You can allow customers to provide their tax IDs at checkout. For example, if you’re required to collect specific tax information from customers by law or if you need it for invoices.

To ask for customers’ tax ID at checkout:

1. In your store manager, go to Settings → Taxes & Invoices.

2. Scroll down to Settings.

3. In the business model settings block, specify who your customers are: Businesses and direct customers (B2B and B2C), Direct customers only (B2C), or Businesses only (B2B) and click Save.

4. Enable the Ask for buyers’ tax ID at checkout toggle below. The changes will be saved automatically.

That’s it! Now your customers can provide their tax IDs while placing an order:

  • All your European business customers will be able to enter their tax information at checkout.

  • Your local direct customers will be able to enter their tax information if providing it is required in your country. Your customers from other countries will simply continue with checkout without filling out any tax ID fields.

Tax ID numbers provided by customers will be saved in the order details in My Sales → Orders for your future reference. You can export them anytime!

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