Note: The bellow-given instructions apply to e-stores created with Online Store and Advanced Store plans. You may change your plan anytime 🚀

You can generate tax invoices for your orders. These tax invoices are legally compliant and meet the standard invoicing requirements for the EU. There are two types of tax invoices available in your store manager: regular invoices for your sales and cancellation invoices for your refunds.

To preview an invoice that can be generated in your store, go to Settings → Taxes & Invoices → Tax invoices.

And open the box Contents of tax invoice.

You can always create a tax invoice for an order in your store manager: simply go to My Sales → Orders click on an order in question and from the Manage Tax Invoices dropdown, select Create Tax Invoice.

All the invoices that have been created for a particular order are available in the Tax invoices section on the page of this order.

If needed, you can also download all the invoices for a certain time period in bulk in Settings → Taxes & Invoices → Tax invoices.

Simply click Get Tax Invoices:

If you have some specific requirements for invoicing or if you are making invoices via a third-party system outside of your online store, you can turn off tax invoices in Settings → Taxes & Invoices.

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