Displaying links at the bottom of your website not only looks nice and neat but also helps people to better navigate your webpage. And it's much easier than you think!

Here are the main steps:

  1. Create pages

  2. (Optional) Hide pages from the menu bar

  3. Add a footer

  4. Add texts or buttons to hyperlink

  5. Update the website

1. Create pages

Firstly, you would need to know what pages you'd like to link to.

To create new pages within your website, refer here: Manage your website's menu

Note: You don't necessarily need to create new pages within your website. You may also link to external pages, email addresses, or phone numbers.

2. (Optional) Hide pages from the menu bar

If you've created new pages to link to, you may want to hide them from your website's navigation menu. Hidden pages won't be visible in the header section of your website, but they will be accessible via URLs.

To hide a page, refer here: How to hide a page from the website's menu

3. Add a footer

The footer is the bottom-most section of our webpage. You can add a footer to a single page or pin it to all pages at once (this way, you can also easily hide it from selected pages).

To add a footer, refer here: Footer section

4. Add text or buttons to hyperlink

Within the footer, add texts or buttons to hyperlink. You can also add other website elements there, but remember that URLs can only be hyperlinked to text, buttons, images, and social icons.

Learn more: What are website elements? / How to add links

To find the link to a page that you've created with Zyro, open the Pages and navigation section on the left, and open the page settings:

5. Update your website

Once you add all links to the footer, update your website for the changes to be pushed live! 🎉

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