PayNow allows customers in Singapore to make a payment using their preferred app from participating banks and participating non-bank financial institutions. Customers see a QR code when checking out with PayNow. They complete the payment by scanning it using a participating app. You receive confirmation from Stripe instantly when they complete the payment. Learn more: PayNow payments 💡


  • Available for merchants in Singapore

    • Supported currency: SGD

  • Available for clients in Singapore


To offer this payment option in your online store, simply turn it on in your Stripe dashboard. It's easy, just follow these steps:

1. In your Zyro account, open the store management area and go Payments Stripe → Manage to open your Stripe account:

2. Open your payment methods settings.

3. Find the PayNow payment method, and click Turn on.

This payment method will be automatically suggested for your clients in Singapore 🎉

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