You can create an unlimited number of categories as well as assign a single product to multiple categories easily!

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Create product categories

To create a product category:

1. In your store manager, open the Categories section and click Add category.

2. Insert the category name and click Assign products.

3. Tick relevant products and click Save. Again, click Save, to save the category.

And that's it! You can also drag and drop products within a category to change their order – this way, they'll be displayed in the preferred order on your website, too!

Display product categories in your store

Once you categorize your products in the store manager, here's how you can display them on your website:

1. Within your editor, click Add section, choose Ecommerce, and click on a products list section. A new section will be inserted into your page. By default, it will display all your products, but you can easily change it!

2. Open the settings of the product list section.

3. Select which products, by category, to show.

And that's it! This way, you can add multiple product category sections within one page, or you can add more pages to your website and display each product category on a separate page.

Link product category pages to elements (buttons, text, images)

Within the editor, add a preferred element (button, text, or image) or select the one you wish to link to a product category page, and press Edit.

If you want to link a product category to a button element, in its General settings tab, find the option Link to and select the preferred category page that you've already created.

If you want to link a product category page to an image element, click on an image, select Change image, and look for the Action tab in the image settings. Select that a click on an image would open a link, and then simply choose a preferred category page to link to.

If you want to link a product category page to a text element, select a preferred portion of text and click on the linking icon in the text tools. Then, from the dropdown, select the preferred category page to link to. Remember to save the changes and update your website.

How to get a link to a product category page?

Once you create dedicated pages for each of your product categories, you can find their links in the editor.

1. Expand the Pages and navigation panel on the left.

2. Find your product category page in the list and open its Settings (the cogwheel icon).

3. Then, click Page settings.

4. In the General tab, you will see the suffix of your page URL (you can edit it), and the full URL of your category page that you can use.

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