How to set up Pinterest tags

Learn how to set up pageview tracking with Pinterest

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At the moment, Zyro supports a Pinterest tag that would track page views for all of your website pages. Whilst this doesn’t allow you to use Pinterest to its fullest potential, it’s still a great way to increase the effectiveness of your Pinterest Ads and boost your website traffic.

NOTE: Currently, Pinterest supports tracking with Pinterest tags in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, and the USA

1. To set up Pinterest tags, create a Pinterest business account.

2. After that, follow this link to open the Pinterest tag creation tool or click here within your Pinterest Business account dashboard:

3. Then, click on Get Started:

4. Enter your website's address, click Check, and proceed with the manual setup of the tag:

5. Then, copy the code provided by the platform:

6. Paste the code into the Custom code field in your website's integrations settings and update your website:

7. Then, on Pinterest, click Continue until you reach the event setup and copy the PageVisit tag:

8. Then, add it below the code that you’ve previously added to your site. Save the changes and update your website again:

Your Pinterest tag is now fully set up to track visitors within your pages!

Note that events will start reflecting inside your Pinterest Analytics in up to 24 hours and will be updated hourly afterward.

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