In addition to online payments, you can easily set up manual payments in your store! This way, you may offer your clients to pay in cash or by bank transfer.

When your customer selects a manual payment method, you'll need to approve their order. A new manually paid order will have the status Awaiting by default. Once you receive the payment, you can change the status to Paid on the Orders page.

To set up manual payments in your store:

1. In your store management area, go to Payments, and click Add manual payment:

2. Insert the payment method name (e.g., cash on delivery, cash in the store, bank transfer, etc.). The customer will see this payment method name at the checkout.

3. (Optional) Give the payment instructions to inform the client about how they should make a payment. For example, if you accept bank transfers, specify your bank account number to which your clients should wire the money. The customer will see the payment instructions at the checkout.

4. Tick the option Enable manual payment method at checkout and save the changes:

NOTE: Order confirmation emails are sent immediately once the order is created, but booking confirmation and digital products are sent only once the order is marked as Paid; you can change the order status on the Orders page in your store management area

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