How to connect Montonio Payments
Give your customers the most convenient payment options
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NOTE: The below-given instructions apply to e-stores created with our legacy Online Store and Advanced Store plans.

The Montonio payment solution enables online stores to accept payments from major Baltic and Finnish banks with a single integration.

1. To get started, you'll need to register an account with Montonio.

2. To connect Montonio payments to your store, open your store manager and go to the Payment section:

3. Find the section Payment alternatives, and under Other ways to get paid, click Choose Payment Processor:

4. From the dropdown menu, select Montonio payment and click Add Payment Method:

5. Log into your Montonio account. You will find the Company Settings menu on the left. Once you verify the contact information, you are ready to copy the Live Access and Secret keys and paste them into the given fields in your store manager:

NOTE: In the Advanced settings, the test mode is enabled by default. The test mode only works with sandbox keys. Make sure to untick this option once you're ready to accept payment from real customers:

6. Scroll down to the Appearance options: here, you should make sure that the payment method is enabled at checkout. You can also enter a specific name for this payment method:

7. In the section Payment instructions for customers, you can add specific instructions for your clients; this information will be shown at the checkout:

8. In the section Payment method availability based on shipping choice, you can select shipping methods for which this payment method should be available at checkout. If no shipping method is selected, customers see this payment method no matter which shipping method they choose:

9. Finally, go to the Settings → General → Cart & Checkout. Scroll down to the Checkout settings and enable the option Ask for a billing address during checkout:

Now, you're ready to accept payments with Montonio!

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