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Business plan: Getting paid with Stripe
Business plan: Getting paid with Stripe

Learn how to receive payouts with Stripe

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After you have set up Stripe in your store, check out these instructions on how to manage your payouts:

Reaching your Stripe dashboard

Once your clients make a purchase, you will receive an email notification from Stripe. To access the payment information on your Stripe account, click View in Dashboard:

Alternatively, you can reach your Stripe dashboard from the Payments section in your store management area:

Adding your bank account information

In case you've skipped inserting bank account information when setting up Stripe or would like to update it, you can make adjustments by going to Settings → Business settings → Bank accounts and currencies to reach your Payout settings:

From there, you can edit your connected bank account:

Based on your bank’s location, Stripe may require varying types of account details to activate your bank account.

Adjusting your payout schedule

You can adjust how often payouts will be transferred to your bank account in your Payout settings. Simply select the desired frequency and click Save:

You'll be able to choose either daily, weekly, or monthly automatic payments. If you choose to be paid every week/month, you can also specify the preferred day of the week/month.

Keep in mind that the payout schedule refers to the frequency of your payouts, while payment speed is the amount of time it takes for your funds to become available. You can check Stripe's payout speed by country.

NOTE: In most cases, when you start processing payments with Stripe, you will receive your first payout in 7–14 days after your first successful payment; the first payout may take longer for a number of reasons, including your country or being in a high-risk industry

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