Your insights are always appreciated by the whole Zyro team! The feedback that we get from you pushes us to the limits and helps us to see everything from the customer's point of view. It makes us work even harder and develop a better website builder for everyone's online success ✨

We're looking forward to your insights about:

Share your feedback about elements

You can rate and leave a comment about any website element that we have at Zyro.

For example, if you want to let us know what you think about our text element, click Edit text → More options and click Rate this feature:

If you want to rate any other element, just open its settings, for example, the button:

Share your feedback about other features

If you want to rate any features, that are not elements, you sure can!

To rate the website's styles settings, open the Styles panel on the left and click Rate this feature:

To rate the Multilingual feature, click here:

And to leave feedback about anything else just click on the smiley emoji on the left side menu:

Share feedback about our customer service

Every time you contact us via a live chat, at the end of the conversation, you get a request to rate it. This helps our agents to improve and give you the best care, so make sure to give it a minute and let the agent know what you think about the conversation!

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