Meta titles and descriptions of pages are shown in the search results:

When sharing website links on social media:

Meta titles are also visible in browser tabs:

Meta titles and descriptions are clear and concise pieces of information about what exactly users can expect to find on your pages. Learn more:

Adding meta titles and descriptions

Within the builder, find the Website settings → SEO in the bottom-left:

Here, you can add a general meta title of your website:

Then, add individual meta titles and descriptions for each of your website pages by clicking on the page title below. When accessing the page SEO settings for the first time, a pop-up appears and you're asked to shortly describe your page. With the help of ChatGPT, Zyro website builder will generate keywords, the title, and the description for your page:

The button opens the page SEO settings, and triggers the SEO onboarding pop-up

You may also dismiss this pop-up (click the X in the top-right), and enter the meta title and description manually.

After making any changes, remember to update your website.


  • If you add both general (website) and individual (page) meta titles, they are separated by a pipe in the search results like this: Page title | Website title

  • If you don't add the general website title, and add meta information only to the individual pages, it would look like this: Page title

  • If you don't add meta titles to individual pages, the regular page names are used, which would look like this: Page name or Page name | Website title (if you add the general website title)

  • The recommended meta title length is up to 60 symbols (incl. spaces)

  • The recommended meta description length is up to 160 symbols (incl. spaces)

  • Product SEO is managed in the product page settings

  • Blog title and description are automatically used as meta title and description

  • Meta titles and descriptions immediately update in browser tabs; however, they don't immediately update in search results: it takes from a few days to a few weeks for them to actually reflect on Google


Browser tabs

If meta titles don't update in browser tabs, follow these steps:

  1. Check if they are added and saved in your SEO settings

  2. Make sure to update your website

  3. Clear the browser cache or

    • Check the website using an incognito/private browsing window

    • Check the website using different devices (e.g., your smartphone, tablet, or friend's PC)

    • Check the website using different networks (try Wi-Fi instead of mobile data or vice versa)

  4. If the above doesn't help, get in touch with us

Search results

If meta titles and descriptions don't update in search results, note that:

  • Search engines need time to recrawl your website pages: it takes from a few days to a few weeks for new information to reflect in search results

    • Search engines first need to detect and evaluate these changes, and only then they're updated in the search results.

  • Using Google Search Console may help you speed this process up:

Social media

If meta titles and descriptions don't update when sharing website links on social media posts, refer to this article: Outdated titles, descriptions, and preview images on social media platforms

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