You can easily create and schedule discount codes in your store management area! All discount codes apply to all products and services excluding the shipping costs.

1. In your store management area, go to Discounts and click Add discount:

2. Create the discount code.

3. (Optional) Specify the discount name; this one is for your personal use – clients won't see your discount name. It can be used to describe what kind of discount it is.

4. Specify the discount amount (in %):

5. (optional) Limit the total uses of the coupon. For example, you can set that a particular discount code can be used 100 times in total:

6. (optional) Specify the period of time during which the coupon is active:

And that's it! You'll see all your discount codes (expired, active, and scheduled) in the Discounts section of your store manager:

NOTE: You can also set sale prices for each of your products individually

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