If you're reading this, you probably have an e-store built using our legacy Online Store or Advanced Store plan. Would you like to manage the store easier? You can do so by migrating to our own e-commerce platform, and we'll gladly help you!


Our e-commerce platform has many perks! It's...

  • Cheaper: the e-commerce tools come with our Business plans that are much more affordable than your current subscription

  • Suitable for a bigger catalog in comparison to the legacy Online Store plans: you can upload up to 500 products; each product can have up to 50 options

  • Perfect for accepting appointments: sell services and manage reservations with the help of a built-in scheduling system

  • Faster and more reliable: this e-commerce platform is being improved and optimized literally every week

  • Better looking and easier to manage: the store management area is obvious and translated into various languages

  • Much better SEO-optimized: the product URLs are simple, and you can even edit them on your own; you can also easily add meta titles and descriptions to your product pages


STEP 1 – Transfer your website to the Business plan

Sign in to your Zyro account. You'll see all your websites on the Websites page. Find the template of your e-store and duplicate it. Then, connect your Business plan to the duplicated website template.

STEP 2 – Enable the e-commerce platform on your website

Remove all current store pages and sections from the duplicated template and enable the e-commerce platform – it will give you access to the new store management area.

STEP 3 – Add products

Adding products is easy! If you’d like us to migrate your products from the old store, contact us anytime 💬

Once you add your products, remember to display them on your website using product sections.

STEP 4 – Double-check your store settings

Enable online payments and/or manual payments, set up shipping, check the general store settings, shopping bag settings, and product SEO settings.

STEP 5 – Make the final touches and publish

Customize the template to match your brand style and publish your better store!

That's it! We are ready to help you with any step, so feel free to reach out, and let's conquer the Internet together 🚀

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