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Learn about selling digital products online

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You can easily add a digital product to your store:

  1. In the store management area, go to Products, and click Add product

  2. (Optional) Upload product images

  3. Choose the digital product type

  4. Enter the product title

  5. (Optional) Enter a product subtitle

  6. (Optional) Add a ribbon

  7. (Optional) Add the product description

  8. Specify the price

  9. (Optional) Specify the sale price

  10. (Optional) Add a SKU number

  11. (Optional) Click on Track quantity and specify the quantity in stock

  12. (Optional) Assign the product to a category

  13. Upload a file

  14. Save the product

After a successful purchase, your clients will receive an email with a link to download the digital product. The link lasts for 48 hours.

Once you create a product, the product page is created automatically. To display products on your website, use product sections 😊


  • You can upload one file per product

  • You can upload almost any type of file, except for .html and .exe

  • The maximum file size is 100 MB

Following the best security practices, all files that you try to upload to your website are automatically checked by Cloudflare. If it determines any suspicious content – e.g., a malicious .exe file – it's automatically blocked. Therefore, some files can't be uploaded as digital products.

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