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What to do if you can't access the dashboard properly?
What to do if you can't access the dashboard properly?

Check this guide to learn about the main troubleshooting steps

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If you're struggling to access your Zyro dashboard, the first step is to eliminate any issues that may be causing problems on your end. Try the following:

  1. Try using another device: your/friend's mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

  2. Try using another Internet network: try Wi-Fi vs mobile data or vice versa; rebooting your Internet router and/or device may also help

  3. Try using another Internet browser: it's recommended to use Google Chrome

Incognito / VPN / Browser extensions

Firstly, try accessing your Zyro dashboard using a private browsing window. Here's, how you can access the Incognito mode on different Internet browsers:

Log into your Zyro account and check if you can access your dashboard properly.

If you use any VPN service or have any extensions (e.g., ad blockers) enabled in your Internet browser – disable them for a moment. Then, reload the page and check if you can see the content properly.

Clear cache and cookies

Clear cache and cookies in your Internet browser:

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