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Business plan: Accepting payments via Boleto
Business plan: Accepting payments via Boleto

Boleto is an official payment method in Brazil

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Boleto is a delayed payment method popular in Brazil. To complete a transaction with Boleto, clients receive a voucher stating the amount to pay for services or goods. Clients then have three days to pay: they can do that at authorized agencies or banks, ATMs, or online bank portals. It usually takes up to three business days for Boleto payments to be completed. The funds will be available for payout in two business days after payment confirmation. Learn more: Boleto payments 💡


  • Available for merchants in Brazil

  • Supported currency: BRL

  • Available for clients in Brazil

  • The order value must be at least R$5.00 and no more than R$49,999.99


To offer this payment option in your online store, simply turn it on in your Stripe dashboard. It's easy, just follow these steps:

1. Within the website builder, open your store management area. Go to Store settings → Payments → Manage Stripe and open your Stripe account.

2. In your Stripe account, go to the payment methods settings.

3. Scroll down to the Vouchers (Boletos) section, and click Turn on (Ativar) next to Boleto:

4. Finally, in the pop-up, select Turn on anyway (Activar mesmo assim):

This payment method will be automatically suggested for your clients in Brazil.

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