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Business plan: How to display product categories on separate pages
Business plan: How to display product categories on separate pages

Learn how to create dedicated pages for product categories in your online store

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Once you create product categories, you may display them on different pages of your website in three simple steps 👇

STEP 1 – Create pages for your product categories

Create as many pages as many product categories you have. For example, if you have three product categories (e.g., Bowls, Vases, Cutlery), create three pages and name them respectively. Learn more: How to add more pages to a website

STEP 2 – Insert eCommerce sections into your category pages

Insert eCommerce sections into each of your category pages. There are two types of product sections: a product list section and a single-product section. Make sure to use product list sections. By default, they display all products, but it's easy to assign a particular product category to a particular section (see STEP 3). Learn more: How to insert product sections

STEP 3 – Assign particular product categories to particular eCommerce sections

Click on the product list section and select Edit section. In the Products tab, select a preferred product category to display:

This way, with the help of product list sections, you'll display different product categories on different website pages.


After creating category pages, you may assign them to a dropdown menu within the Pages and navigation panel on the left. Learn more: How to create a dropdown menu

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