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How to Add a Language Attribute to a Website
How to Add a Language Attribute to a Website

Learn how to add the HTML lang attribute

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The HTML lang attribute specifies the language of your website. This attribute is important SEO-wise as it makes a website more accessible:

  • Search engines use the language attribute to return language-specific search results

  • Screen reading tools use this attribute to recognize the language and provide the correct accent and pronunciation while reading website texts

You can add a language attribute by selecting the preferred language in the general SEO settings. You'll be prompted with the pop-up asking you to specify the following:

  • Business or brand name – it will be used for the general meta title of your website; you can edit it later

  • Website's default language; you can edit it later:

    Website's default language in the SEO settings

You can also dismiss the pop-up (click X in the top-right corner), click the arrow in the top-left to get back to the general SEO settings window, and specify your website's default language here:

Specifying the default website's language in Hostinger Website Builder

After making the changes, update your website.

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