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Become a Zyro tester 🕵️
Become a Zyro tester 🕵️

Join our initiative and help us create the best website builder for you!

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We’ve recently launched the Zyro testers initiative hoping to include our customers in creating the best product ever. If you use Zyro and want to help us create the best website builder, fill out this survey: Zyro testers

What do we expect from you?

🚀 Share your insights and feedback about managing your website

🚀 Participate in online interviews or feature testing with the Zyro team (30-60min)

🚀 Participate in surveys or quick tests (2-15min)

What would you get from it?

👉 Be the first to try new features

👉 Share your feedback about new features before they're released

👉 Influence our priorities for planning new features

👉 Get 1-4 free extra months to your plan for each test you take part in, depending on its difficulty & length

What kind of tests would you participate in?

🔍 Interviews

🔍 Surveys

🔍 Feature testing

🔍 Quick tests (preference tests, five-second tests, first-click tests, etc.)

Is it mandatory to participate in every testing session?

No, it is a collaborative process. It's not obligatory to participate in a test if you can’t or don’t want to.

How would you be informed about testing sessions?

You'd receive an invitation via email from our Product Designer or her colleagues. Sometimes, we may select participants randomly, other times, we may select them depending on what features they use on their websites.

If you join our testing initiative, it doesn’t mean that we'll contact you straight away. But you're more than welcome to share your feedback with us anytime!

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