How to Password-Protect a Page

Learn how to add a password to a selected page on your website using Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

You can add a password to any of your website pages. This article will help you set it up 👇

1. Expand the Pages and navigation panel on the left and find the page in question. Open its settings and click Password:

In Hostinger Website Builder, the Pages and navigation panel leads to the page settings which lead to Password settings

2. Click Enable password and set the password:

The Enable password toggle in Hostinger Website Builder

3. Choose the design and customize the texts of the guest area.

4. Save the changes and update your website.


  • You can freely view the page (without entering the password) in the preview mode; the password is only required on the live website

  • Each page can have a different password, and each login area can have a different design

  • The login page will include a link that would take the visitor back to the homepage (unless you password-protect the homepage)

  • The password is hashed using SHA-256, therefore it is never stored in plain text

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