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Business Plan: How to Create Product Subcategories
Business Plan: How to Create Product Subcategories

Learn how to create product subcategories using Zyro website builder

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This article will help you to create and display product subcategories on your website. There are three main steps:

Step 1 – Create Product Subcategories in the Store Management Area

In the store management areaCategories, create subcategories and assign the products there. You can create subcategories just as you'd create categories. One product can be assigned to multiple categories/subcategories.

For example, the product Golden ring can belong to:

  1. The category/subcategory Accessories

  2. The category/subcategory Rings

  3. The category/subcategory Golden rings

  4. The category/subcategory Golden accessories, etc.

Step 2 – Display Product Subcategories on the Website

You can display your product subcategories by creating pages, and using product list sections:

  1. Within the website editor, open the Pages and navigation panel on the left

  2. Click Add page – this way you can create as many pages as many product subcategories you have

  3. Rename the new pages according to your product subcategories

  4. Insert a product list section within each page

  5. Click on the product list section to open its settings, and specify the preferred product subcategory to display

  6. (Optional) Hide product subcategory pages from the website's navigation menu

Step 3 – Structuralize Categories and Subcategories

On your preferred page – homepage, store page, or any other – add elements (text, buttons, or images) to illustrate categories. Then link those elements with product category pages:

On the product category pages, add elements (text, buttons, or images) to illustrate subcategories. Then link those elements with product subcategory pages:

That's it! This way, you can display multiple product categories and subcategories on your website 😊

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