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How to Check if a Custom Code is Added to a Website
How to Check if a Custom Code is Added to a Website

Learn how to check if your custom code is visible in the website's source code

Updated over a week ago

Once you paste any custom code and update your website, the code is added to your website's source code.

As Zyro website builder is the best compatible with Google Chrome, the below instruction applies when using this particular internet browser 💡

To check it, open your website, right-click on the page, and select Inspect:

A right-click on a webpage opens a secondary menu which includes the option to inspect the page

Open the Elements tab, click CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (macOS), and you'll see a search bar:

The Elements tabs in a browser's DevTools, and the search field within

In the search field, you can either paste the whole code or just a keyword or phrase from your code (e.g., your Google Analytics ID):

The search in the website's source code

This way, you should be able to find the integration in your website's source code 🕵️‍♂️

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