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Transferring an Online Store to Ecwid
Transferring an Online Store to Ecwid

Learn how to migrate your e-store to Ecwid

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The information below applies to Ecwid-based online stores built using Zyro's legacy eCommerce Basic, Online Store, and Advanced Store plans.


  • Your service provider will change from Zyro to Ecwid

  • You will be eligible for a partial refund for the unused period of your Zyro plan

  • If you've registered a domain at Zyro, you'll be able to keep it and use it at Ecwid: Connecting a domain to Ecwid Instant Site


To transfer your online store to Ecwid, follow the below steps 👇

Step 1 – Create an Ecwid Account

Register your account with Ecwid here: Login | Ecwid E-commerce

You may also purchase the preferred Ecwid subscription right away or skip this step – start with a free Ecwid plan – and come back to it later.

Step 2 – Get the ID of Your Zyro Store

Access the store management area at Zyro, and copy your store ID from the URL:

The store ID in the URL of store management area

If you need any help locating the store ID, contact us 📩

Step 3 – Request Ecwid Support to Transfer Your Store

Contact Ecwid support and request them to transfer your store from Zyro to Ecwid. Make sure to specify your store ID.

When transferring to Ecwid, your store features and functionalities will remain unchanged, and you will only need to recreate your website – see the next step.

After transferring your store to Ecwid, you may cancel your subscription at Zyro.

Step 4 – Create an Ecwid Instant Site

Instant Site is a free website with built-in e-commerce that is included in every Ecwid account. It enables you to instantly create your own website for free and start selling online at any time.


Shipping Carrier Integrations

Zyro's Business Plan


  • The Baltic countries: LP Express, DPD, and Omniva parcel machines

  • Other countries: no shipping carrier integrations

Payment Methods

Zyro's Business Plan


Shops on Facebook and Instagram

Zyro's Business Plan


Coming soon

What to Do if I Have More Than 500 Products?

Zyro's Business plan is suitable if you have up to 500 products.

If your catalog is bigger than that, we recommend you go for either the Ecwid Business (supports up to 2500 products) or the Ecwid Unlimited plan (supports unlimited products). For more information, please refer here: Ecwid pricing

Is Choosing Ecwid Going to Be More Expensive?

It depends on the exact subscription and the billing cycle you choose according to your needs. For more information, please refer here: Ecwid pricing

Can I Move the Whole Store to Ecwid or Only the Products?

The whole store module, including products and store configurations, should be transferred to Ecwid intact. However, you will need to recreate the website itself. You will be able to use the same domain name. For more information, please refer here:

Will I Get a Refund From Zyro so I Can Pay for an Ecwid Plan?

Yes, we will issue you a partial refund for the unused Zyro plan upon your request.

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